Monday, February 19, 2007

Hand Cramps

Tonight my hand is pleasantly resting after a wonderful day of puppetry school. This past week, (after three calls) I was fotunate enough to make the final callback for Avenue Q. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I have gotten to meet people such as Cindy Tolan (the casting director) and Evan Ensign (the resident director).

Puppetry is a humbling experience. The first couple hours of class were interesting. Most of us were trying to get used to the idea that this thing on our arm was not a seperate entity, but just another part of us. Once we began to accept this and get used to the lip synching, the geustering, and the "neutral position", we were able to play and explore the with the puppets. While my hand is a bit sore right now, I really adored the process and the class. Meeting the Princetons and Rods was great. One of the other perfomers said "It's like sticking your hand inside a celebritry." Awkward...but so true. My final call will be on March 9th. I'm so excited to meet the creative team and get to perform the material with the puppets.

I will be signing across the board at CESD (commerical, legit, print). I am so excited. I have truly enjoyed working with this agency and think that it's an extremely appropriate fit for me. More to come soon! Lot's of exciting things happening right now. Here's hoping I land something soon! ;)


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Alexaba said...

Congrats Matty! Break a leg on the callback and we miss you so much! cheetos! love you!


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