Monday, January 29, 2007

Living in the Burg

I've been here about a month now. If you had asked me a year ago, I would never have told you I would be living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mainly because I knew nothing about Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I love Williamsburg...but not for the same reasons as everyone else, I'm afraid. I love Williamsburg because of the small cafes on the random corners that look like hell but have amazing food and coffee. I love that there is a health food store on every corner even if they overcharge beyond belief. I like seeing young and hip couples walking into their first apartment at night. I love this bookstore in our "mall" called Spoonbill & Sugartown...and I love that they sell every Moleskine journal you could ever want. I love how it's just one stop away from Manhattan even if the L train sucks in the morning. I love that everyone has style in WIlliamsburg and makes an effort to look great...even if you know they spend an hour on their hair every morning to make it look like they just rolled out of myself. It's charming. I love Williamsburg because it reminds me of a nicer haight street in San Francisco...a place that I spent many a day in highschool. It also reminds me of London...a place that I'm desperately missing.

However, I'm not crazy about the scene in Williamsburg....Which I feel like is the reason a lot of people (and kids my age) end up living here. Let me just say that being affected has nothing to do with your style or how you dress...that's just personal taste and trends. But I don't like it when I see people living in an area because they think it says something about themselves that they want said. Especially when it's a complete lie. I went to a bar the other night with my roommates. I love my roommates and I really enjoyed the bar...although, I wasn't crazy about the personalities there. It felt like people were trying incredibly hard to prove just how artsy and out of the box they were...and I couldn't possibly care less for that attitude. It felt a bit college-frat-party-ish...and a frat party is a frat party even if you dress it in vintage clothes and skinny jeans.

But who cares? I've never been into "scenes" and I'm not about to try and fit into one. I'm an old lady when it comes to going out. I like to find a favorite bar and stick with it. Good company and a quiet, comfortable atmosphere is my idea of a night out. I skipped the whole frat party days for a reason and I don't have to join in on the fun now. I love beer but most of the time I'm just craving a glass of red wine. I can't imagine how affected that looks...Oh well.

I'll enjoy Williamsburg in it's pre-condo state for now. It wont be the same next year and I'm sure it will be another world in five more years. I'd hate to see it become the next Chelsea but everyone knows that's where it's headed.


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