Friday, January 26, 2007

A Rush of Positivity

You know, no one can describe the ups and downs in this business to you. There is just no way of truly understanding what it's like to be here in this city until you make the move and decide to do that for yourself. It changes on a day-to-day basis. You never know what's next. But all of that sounds so cliché....until you just finally do it for yourself. Then you get it.

For the first time in three months I feel like something is happening. There is an excitement and rush of joy that has come flooding back into my life that makes me say "GOD it's worth it!"

I feel like I have had one of the most productive weeks of my career. I was called back in for a Broadway role this week that I was up for in September. The feedback I got from the creatives was not only remarkably flattering, but it was extremely promising. I felt so honored just to have been asked to come back in for it. Receiving such a great response has been jarring. The casting directors for this project have been especially supportive and have even submitted for a role outside their office.

My agent has sent me out on a couple submissions this past week that were perfect for me. I am so happy that she has a good understanding of what my type is and what I would be good for. Both calls went great and are things that I could never have even dreamt of being seen for a month ago. It's great to have found someone who believes in my talent.

I am also taking acting classes in the city and I feel like everyday I am taking a step forward. I no longer feel as if I'm in hibernation. Spring has awakened (in many ways!) and I've finally gotten out of my adjustment/transitional period. My classes have been going well and are a drastic change to what I have studied in the past. I believe in being a well-rounded performer. I can only achieve that if I dive into as many forms/types of training possible. I have to get back into training in musical theatre as well. Vocal performance is and will always be my strongest attribute. However, I am learning that I can't ignore it while I continue to push forward in non-musical theatre.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days, weeks, and months. In this business, just a phone call can completely change your plans and your life. After seven unexpected auditions and callbacks this week, I am still continuing to learn that it is NEVER the phone call you expect. It truly is a roller coaster ride.

"I know there's so much more to find...Still I know to trust my own true mind....You watch me."


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