Thursday, September 07, 2006

Under The Weather

It's incredible how colds just seem to sneak up on you. I was so healthy this entire summer. I really have not been very ill since I was performing at LAMDA in January. That's a damn good record for an actor and an even better one for myself! I did get a bit sick during "Butcherhouse", which I ignored. But last night, I was hit with a full-blown, god awful, head cold. I was fine in the morning, had the sniffles during the day, and then was struck with a fever by night.

I can't stand actors who arrive late or simply don't show up at all. I think it's the biggest sign of disrespect. On my first day of "Lunch" I was about five minutes late and I almost passed out. I couldn't believe it...There was no excuse other than the fact that I spent 15 minutes trying to find Nola studios when I was literally standing in front of the building (haha, there was no sign!). Anyone who knows my track record knows that those five minutes almost killed me. And as far as not showing up? Unless you're vomiting as you walk up the stairs (and that vomit isn't from a hangover) you need to get your ass into that rehearsal room. It's a strict policy but are letting so many people down if you don't show up. Suddenly, anything and everything planned has to change, lines have to be read, and invisible people have to be talked to.

Oh man, enough preaching...Anyway, I was the dizziest person in the world when I showed up for rehearsal tonight. On top of that I had chugged a grande coffee from starbucks (something I never, ever, ever do) to wake me up. So I was jittery and I had this goofy, space-case smile on my face the entire time. By the end of rehearsal I was burning up and thought my head was going to float off of my shoulders. It was time to go home.

Still, I was happy with the work that was accomplished tonight. Not just by me, but the rest of the cast as well. The rest of the week we will continue to explore, tighten, and then polish the play before we open on Wednesday. It's going to be insane. I have no idea what's going to happen. We shall see!

I am glad that I'm getting sick now instead of during my performances. However, let's hope that this head-cold doesn't become one of my famous chest-colds...then it's bye bye to that rocker-esque high B I gotta hit.


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