Sunday, August 27, 2006

The most wonderful time of the year...

We've finally made it. September is right around the corner and you can already feel it's presence. The brutality of the summer heat and humidity is finally going to end. The hot, sticky heat of summer on the east coast is not something I have ever been a fan of. Although, living on the east coast does have one drastic benefit weather wise...FALL.

I love everything about fall. I like getting back into things. I even enjoyed the idea of going back to school when I was a kid simply because it meant things were finally going to start moving forward. I love the weather during fall. To me, there is nothing nicer than a brisk cold. You can bundle up and actually throw on a few layers, but it isn't so cold yet that you think you're going to die if you step outside. Most importantly, I love the colors of fall...and there is no better place to be than New England to witness those colors. Living in california, all the seasons become a blur. It's beautiful year round and rains a lot during the spring. Trust me it's not as nice as it sounds. I think a change in the weather keeps people gives you a clearer sense of time. It makes you feel like there's something new to look forward to...even if there isn't.

I woke up this morning and I could smell it. It was raining lightly outside and my window was open. I took in a deep breath and I knew that fall had arrived. We'll be easing into it for a bit...but it's here.


At 10:57 AM, Blogger M. Alice said...

Oh, how I *hated* this time of the year when I was a kid!!! Going back to school was like being sent back to prison. I HATED SCHOOL growing up.

But I grew to really like it when I was in college, because I kinda loved college...

And now that there's no structure in my life, I just enjoy the change of seasons.

Autumn in New York is brilliant and all-too-brief. September is autumn for me. Beyond September just feels like a precursor to a long, heartless winter.

But the magic of global warming has kind of extended the autumn weather... FUCK THE FUTURE!


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