Friday, August 18, 2006

Rockstar for a Month

So...Kurt Cobain may not be the right image...but I was very excited to learn today that I will be playing the role of "Mophead" in "Lunch" at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Mophead is the school's punk rocker. He is the lead singer in a ska/punk band that performs at lunch. The character is fun, full of energy, charasmatic, and easy to love. I am so excited to dive into this character at full force.

Since the director was originally split between me playing the rocker or the sweet and sensitive boy...I am so happy that I get a chance to play the rocker. Maybe it was the hair...but, for whatever reason, someone is taking the risk on my bambi looks and giving me a moment to prove that I can kick some serious character ass. I have always considered myself a character actor. I have loved playing the romantic leads, the passionate young men, the twinkling teens...and I find so much thrill exploring them all...but nothing satisfies me more than setting up a truly unique, dynamic, odd, and comedic character....such as Mophead. I love comedy. Which is something people don't see when they first meet me. One of my favorite roles was LaVerole in The Relapse at LAMDA. It was a restoration comedy so everything was larger-than-life. I got to play a very fast, very funny, and very flambouyant french servant. The role was a blast. A serious delight.

I have a lot of personalities in mind to explore for this character. I can't wait to get started.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger M. Alice said...

Wasup, rocker!!! I'm awfully excited you've landed the rocker part. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing this thing...


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