Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not Just ER Anymore

I am really fascinated by the age of television that we're living in right now. I know, that's probably the lamest sentence I've written of this blog. It makes me sound like I've never seen the sun or done anything but lie around on my ass all day. On the contrary I lie around on my ass all night after my rehearsal/shows and watch some good 'ole TiVO.

I think we have HBO, Showtime, and other major cable networks to thank for the sudden major shift in network TV. Expectations are changing. Ever since shows like Sex In The City and The Sopranos came out, network television has been forced to advance not only in concept and creativity, but in production values as well.

This fall season looks incredible. And I say that as an excited actor, not from the view of "some television obsessed freak" (line from lunch). Sure reality television is still there and always will be, but TV dramas have come back at full force. So many shows on television right now are ridiculously filmic in their production values. I also feel that creators aren't afraid to create a concept or story that really can't go much further than 2 or 3 seasons if it were to last. It's okay to set up the idea of an "expanded miniseries" and you see it in shows like the new "Kidnapped." The way we watch television is changing. I think it's remarkable.

It's exciting for an actor because A.) It means more work and B.) It means better material. Seriously though, just look at Lost. I mean the writers for that show are beyond brilliant. I got frustrated with the show this past year not knowing how much the show had been thought through. And yet, I'm still totally hooked. I can't stop watching and I even bought season 2 on DVD to re-watch before the new season starts. I have been amazed at how much, in fact, the show actually is thought through. I recognized clues and hints in the start of the season that I would never have realized were there before. It really is an exceptional show. It is always full of suspense, always emotional, and always original. I can only hope those actors have an idea on how lucky they are to be on that show.

My message to the world? Watch more TV dramas...less American idol. It's good stuff.

Lunch is going well. Two more performances this weekend and then I am out of work once more. Let's see how long it takes me to find another job this really...we can make it a game or something.


At 10:24 AM, Blogger M. Alice said...

I got way too much backed up on my DVR. All these new shows I hope I don't like because I don't want to be obligated to watch more TV.

Nothing wrong with television, you people. It's theater for the masses.

Maybe I should get a cat...

... oh, who am I kidding? Everything I touch dies...

I'm surprised I haven't been blocked from commenting on this blog... yet.


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