Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh The Places You'll Go

Someone asked me in an audition the other day where I was from. I didn't have a clue what to I simply blurted out ''Connecticut, Massachusettes, and California.'' The man who asked the question just seemed to awkwardly stare at me after that.

It's strange...when I was in London I would say I was from San Francisco. When I was in San Francisco I would tell people I was from Connecticut, and when I lived in Connecticut I was from 'Manchester By The Sea.' But I'm no longer on that linear path anymore...I've started a completely new life. One that doesn't involve figuring out where you're going to go to school and what you're next step is to getting out into the big bad 'real world.' I'm there.

I can't tell people I'm from London (hahaha) cause I only spent a year there and how obnoxious would that be? I don't like telling people San Francisco because no matter how many years I grew up there I never quite felt like it was it always seems so strange to tell people that. So I'll just blurt out three different places really fast.

I find that industry people here like it when you have roots in the north-east area. I guess they think it shows a promise of sanity or something. Everyone who lives in the New York mentality feels like it's the only way to get things done. No argument there at all. When I first moved out to California my family and I underwent an incredible culture shock...we just didn't understand the idea of stopping for a pedestrian to cross the road when they were'nt even on a crosswalk. And the concept of showing up 20 minutes late for everything and it not being a big deal, threw us a little bit. But we grew to...try and embrace that lifestyle.

I'm still commuting into the city everyday from connecticut. It's a bitch, yes, and I cannot believe I haven't snapped yet. I also can't believe I'm back in Weston, CT. Sure, It's just a place to sleep but I hardly imagined I would ever go back and live here again. Let's just say when I walk down the street it's pretty clear that I haven't been in the area for a while. I don't have a large collection of pastel colored polo's or a lacross team sticker on the back of my car. No, I wear skinny jeans, healed boots, and rocker T-shirts...hidden under a shaggy haircut. I look like a Londoner stuck in the Twilight Zone. The Connecticans think I'm crazy. Thank god!

Whether it's a sense of style, a sense of humor, or a mentality towards living...I think I've taken something away from each of the places I've lived in. I don't exactly put any place to my name because I don't want people to have the wrong perception of how I may 'be.' I am so grateful I have hopped around so much in my life. I feel like I can relate to more people because of it.

Except, I've never lived in the south...oh well.


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