Monday, July 07, 2008

New faces, new shows

There are quite a few changes about to happen within the Spring Awakening Company. We will have 2 new leads starting in august as well as 5 new cast members starting in a couple weeks. It's a very bittersweet change. I'm thrilled and excited for the new faces and heartbroken to see my friends and “surrogate family” members take off.

To quickly diffuse a rumor, there are no set dates for any of the three Melchior covers this summer. We play things by ear and there is no guarantee that I will be going on for Melchior during July or the time between Kyle Riabko's departure and Hunter Parrish's debut. I promise I will post a blog if I have any set dates.

If you haven't been watching the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, you should. My friends and I have been watching as we do every year and it's a pretty incredible season. I'm not a dancer myself, so I watch the show very differently than many of my friends...but the choreography this season has been phenomenal so far. New choreographers, Tabitha and Napoleon have created a couple of the best routines I've ever seen on the show. They do a lyrical hip-hop with strong narratives that bring the best out of all of the dancers they work with.

It's funny how an incredible dance can make you pay attention to a song you would have typically ignored. So far I've found myself suddenly hooked to pop songs I would have completely overlooked because of the beautiful dances that were set to them. "No Air" and "Bleeding Love" weren't exactly on the top of my iTunes wish list but lately I can't get them out of my head.

One song that was used last week during a stunning piece by Mia Michaels was Adele's "Hometown Glory." This girl has a phenomenal voice and has a lot more going for her than being just another Winehouse knockoff. Download it!


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