Sunday, May 18, 2008

When I was 19...

When I was 19...I was just joining the cast of Spring Awakening. I thought that was a pretty big accomplishment for 19...

What's with record deals at 19?!?

Paolo Nutini released is incredible album "These Streets" at 19. I love every bit of flaw and perfection on that album.

I've just discovered another artist who is also 19 and charms on the same level. He is Canadian, Justin Nozuka. I'm surprised I didn't come across his album sooner. As you all know, I love soul...and this kid has a LOT of soul.

His album "Holly" dropped April 15th. It's awesome. In the same juvenile-spirit as Paolo Nutini, his talent outshines whatever poor lyrics or music choices he makes on the album. I'm thrilled to have discovered his music. It's rare that I get really excited about a new voice...and I've only listened through the album once...but I don't need any more convincing...

This is perfect Sunday morning listening. Buy it. Go to his myspace

Listen to "After Tonight"...The second you get to the chorus, you'll be hooked as well.


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