Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paolo and such

Over the past year one of my favorite UK artists released his singles and record in the US. His name is Paolo Nutini, and I gotta say, my respect for this kid is endless. He recorded his debut album at only 19 and it shows a depth and maturity FAR beyond his years. His is a talented musician and brilliant songwriter for his age. His songs are catchy, personal, and carried by a voice that is extremely soulful.

I'm sad to see that he hasn't been the same explosive hit in the US that he was in the UK. I think I've talked about him a couple times on here previously, but here's an extra reminder: If you haven't bought "These Streets" by Paolo Nutini and you like folk/pop music....go buy it. He Rocks. Listen to "Last Request", "These Streets", "Million Faces", "Autumn", and "Loving You."

On a quick side note...I have received a few messages recently regarding a possible job I have been up for. I'm not sure how the information was leaked...and I'm flattered that anyone actually cares about my auditioning life hahah...but let me set the record straight in saying that as of now it is purely rumor. I have always kept fans informed of official news and about what new projects I am actually doing and will continue to do so for the time being.

Very random but...Has anyone seen Horton Hears a Who yet? I loved it. So many generations have grown up on Dr. Suess. It's amazing to think what a phenomenon these books have been. I thought the movie completely captured the essence of the books. There is something so fascinating about the books because they are just SO odd and unlike any other childrens books...I adored them and was pleasantly surprised to see that the movie was so good.

On a VERY different level...has anyone seen Children of Men? I FINALLY saw it for the first time. As a huge fan of Blade Runner, I was thrilled. It was a remarkable film.

I have been insanely busy. I promise more updates are on the way.


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