Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturdays and Sundays.

So it's been a month...

I kept thinking that I was going to write in my blog...It's been such a crazy month and things have changed so much day to day that I felt awkward putting any of it into writing.

Today I went back on for Melchior at the matinee and evening performance. It was a fantastic day and I had the pleasure of doing both shows with the stunningly brilliant Alexandra Socha, who also is currently a swing for the show. She was my Wendla for the day. This girl is a phenomenon!

I am reminded every time I go on, what a privilege it is to perform such material. It is such a thrill to be involved with this work and I know that I have certainly said that more than a few times on this blog.

Some interesting things in the works...If they progress, I will certainly post about them here.

Go see Sunday In The Park With George. It is an incredible production. I was so moved by this production. It was just remarkable. Jenna Russell and Daniel Evans are sight to behold. This is quite possibly one of the most triumphant revivals in quite some time. Go see it!


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