Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Okay, so I think it's time to get this blog going again. Because, the truth is, it clears my head and I have had the wildest time looking back on old posts. If anyone were considering keeping a journal of any sort I would really recommend it. Make it a goal this year. ;)

New years was great. Had dinner with my sister and I still managed to meet up with some friends and head to a great New Years Party...avoiding Times Square like a plague.

As I did at the Tony after party...I played it very safe, knowing that the possibility of me going for a role the next day was HIGHLY likely.

And of course I was right. Tonight I played the role of Ernst. Again, swinging always keeps you on your toes. I got a few phone calls back and forth before I knew what role I'd really be on for...all male swings were on tonight! It was understudy insanity to say the least. Not really anyone’s comfort level of male understudies, but of course we pulled it off. It was actually a great show.

I loved the sudden holiday tourist burst. It was fantastic! Honestly, all last week I had at least one person sitting next to my ensemble chair on stage that DIDN'T know I was in the show. Hahaha! We had many first timers last week, and hearing the gasp of horror/surprise when I stood up to sing during touch me reminded me of the days closer to the opening of the show. But I shouldn't be in my ensemble chair too much this week. I'll most likely be back in Bitch during the weekend shows. Tis the season. It's a nice change. I went almost 3 weeks not having gone on for a role. THAT is record shattering...considering that fact that I covered all 5 of my tracks in the month of September...and have been on pretty non-stop otherwise.

Looking forward to the New Year.


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