Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hanschen and Jim

Keeping a blog can be very difficult at times. When things get a bit hectic it's almost harder to write than when things are slow and you have nothing deep to write about!

As many of you know, last Tuesday was my first official day as Hanschen. It was crazy. Actually, it was a very emotional day for me. Playing a role full time on Broadway is thrilling. To play a full time role in a show like Spring Awakening is an honor. So even though I had already been on for the role of Hanschen over 45 times, going out there tuesday night as the official, full-time Hanschen was quite nerve racking. It was a lot of dreams and aspirations materializing in front of me for 2 hours at the Eugene O'Neill.

But It's been fantastic so far. Some of you, to my surprise, suggested disappointment that I was no longer going to be in good 'ole AA12 (my onstage chair) swinging all of the other roles. Let me just lightly an actor...and as a year long swing...when your producers and director approach you and ask you to move up to a full time featured role from a swing position, it is nothing to scoff at. There is no 'career choice'. It was an honor and a privilege to move up to such a fantastic role. I am very passionate about the character. Am I still very passionate about Melchior? Absolutely, and I promise I will still be understudying this role.

It's also an immense privilege to be onstage with Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff in their final month. I have an endless respect and love for the both of them and am thrilled to be sharing the stage with them as Hanschen. Catch the show before May 18th.

Okay...onto music.

When Jamie Lidell released his album 'Multiply' a little while surprised a lot of people. No one knew the guy had that kind of voice in him. Mixing his voice with his already known electronica skills created, in my opinion, magic. 'Multiply' was a fantastic album.

Jamie already dropped a new album this Tuesday. So before you all run out an spend you hard earned cash on Madonna's 'Hard Candy' this week...let me tell you this: Buy this album.

With his new album 'Jim,' Jamie did something interesting this time, that may even put off older fans. He dropped a lot of his experimental edge. I have to admit, I was thrown at first. Maybe even a bit disappointed. I loved Multiply. I knew that it was hardly easy listening at times but it was innovative and always threw you a curve ball. However, what really attracted me to that album at first was the song 'Multiply.' Which was upbeat, classic, and soulful.

Jamie gives us a whole lot more of that title track in his new album. Most of the album seems to tap less into his contemporary-experimental-Jamiroquai side...and taps more into his Jackie Wilson 'Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher' easy listening side. Here he almost seems braver and more comfortable to unabashedly sing full-out, 1970s soul/R&B inspired music. Having grown up listening to that genre of music, a very big smile grew across my face listening to 'Jim.'

The album is nostalgic, full of sweet pop tunes, and has the occasional old-Jamie kick to keep things good and interesting. His lyrics and music still have the odd sense that even when things sound sweet, there is a darker message underneath. There is a nice balance between calculation and free spirit in his songs. For an album so clearly inspired by a particular era and genre, very rarely do things feel affected or crudely recycled. I'm charmed and hooked.

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