Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Farewell to two stars!

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On sunday night, myself and the rest of the Spring Awakening company experienced something incredible. The Eugene O'Neill shook with screaming and cheering. I stopped counting the standing ovations. It honestly sounded like that small 1100 seat theatre was a stadium. Each of us realized that no matter how successful any of us continue to be or become...we will never again experience an audience or a night like that on Broadway. It was truly magical. A rock concert to the highest degree. It's always an honor to stand on that stage...but being surrounded only by die-hard fans who have devoted so much to our show meant the world to all of us.

It also deeply moved me to see how much love and support was given to the spectacular Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. They were the heart of our show and company. I have learned so much from the both of them. Being the cover for Jonathan Groff was such an honor. It was always a pleasure. He's one of my heros. No matter how wonderful change can be, they will be sorely missed. I cannot believe how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the audience at Radio City while our show won 8 Tony Awards. Seeing everyone moving on is exciting and heartbreaking.

I wish I could slow down all of the special moments.

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It's really crazy to think about what my past year has been like with Spring Awakening. I was shocked to learn only the other night from a fellow cast member that I had been nominated for a award.......I gotta admit, I'm flattered. It's been an incredible year getting to where I am in the company and I was so honored that I was recognized in that category. I never thought I'd ever be up against Bob Saget, Clay Aiken, or Mario Lopez for anything...period. Hahah. But it's really awesome to know that the Spring Awakening fans would support both Blake Bashoff and myself in the big world of broadway replacements. So, kudos guys.

Okay so I already have some new music. If you like lyric driven bad ass folk sung by a sexy female voice...check out Laura Marling.

I love her music. She's a brit and thankfully doesn't hide that. Her accent and inflections really add to her already sultry voice. Her lyrics are spectacular and tell rich stories. Right now she has an EP out called "My Manic and I" that you can purchase on iTunes. Her album drops June 3rd. I'm very excited. She has already had a lot of success in the UK.

I would check out her myspace first.

Listen to "My Manic and I".


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