Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hanschen and Tonys

Last night I made my debut as a principal character on Broadway. It was a crazy experience. I didn't expect it at all. Which as an understudy is pretty typical...but because people have missed so rarely lately...I didn't expect to go on for Hanschen for a while. I did, however, know that Hanschen would be the first character I would go on for. It's been planned for a while.

The show went well. Like most "first times" it was a little rough, but enjoyable. Not everything went as smoothly as I wanted it to go...but in the end my heart was in the performance. Now I'm just dying to do it again. I felt like both "My Junk" and the vineyard scene went well...but in the end it was "Totally Fucked" that I had the most fun in. Hanschen has a fantastic presence in that song that is all about strength and power. It was so much fun.

Many of you have been asking me if I will be performing at the Tonys. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been speculating the same thing for a while as well. "Spring Awakening" is a family backstage...and fortunately for me...They've decided to include their newest family member in the Tony performance. I will be onstage with the rest of the swings/ensemble members for a particular part of the performance. I know that some of the other cast members have hinted at what we will be performing...but you will get none of that from me! You'll just have to tune in on June 10th to see for yourself. I promise it won't disappoint. We had music rehearsal for it yesterday and got giddy with excitement. It's going to be fantastic.


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