Sunday, May 20, 2007

Three Season Finales

This past week, three of my favorite television shows had their season finales. I hope the summer television line up is good because I'm pissed that my shows are over!

Lost is ending on Wednesday...don't get me started. They better bring back "So You Think You Can Dance?" Mindless reality TV shows that you can throw parties over are great.

Okay onto the season finales. I was disappointed by many of the moments on all three shows.

Grey's didn't feel like Grey's anymore and was by far the most depressing episode the show has ever created, lacking any of the joy that made the series so popular. It wasn't a bad just was missing that one sliver of hope that we all needed. It was like the 6th Harry Potter book...All turmoil, no resolution. I guess they were trying to make us want to come back for more...but honestly...I'm so frustrated with half the story lines...I don't really care anymore. I hate how they randomly decided to make Derek and Meredith have relationship problems. Meredith has always had her melodramatic issues...but this distance is so sudden and strange. And the new half-sister-intern Lexy Grey is an idiotic way to create a new love triangle next season. Izzie/George is sort of working, but nothing about them will ever reach Izzie/Denny status. I cannot believe Dr. Bailey isn't the new Chief! We were being set up for that ALL season...ALL frickin' season! There was no tears-of-joy pay off that ever single viewer was waiting for. And the fact that they didn't settle the Eva/Alex storyline is pathetic...that's a season finale moment, not start of next season moment. The positives? Burke and Christina had the best storyline...and they were FINALLY put to rest. Sandra Oh gave, yet again, the best performance of the episode when she broke down in the apartment with Meredith. Kate Walsh...Good luck...see you on your new show.

Ugly Betty had such a strange first season. I know that it's supposed to be like a telenovella but with all of the storylines they have thrown at the board, I feel like it's the end of their third season...not first. Remember Gina, and Betty's old boyfriend? How about when Amanda and Daniel were still sleeping together? Kristen Chenoweth made a terrific appearance on the show as Betty's chick-flick-obsessed orthodontist...and I love how they handled Betty and Henry's romance through the entire episode. Mark had the best moments of the episode again ("Inhale Ricky Martin, Exhale Colin Ferrell") and his storyline with Wilhelmina was terrific. The love Dungeon was pointless and I don't like the idea of Amanda becoming anymore than the funny receptionist. I was also furious that they killed Hilda's fiancé. He was a likeable new character that could have worked well into the next season. Daniel and Alex crashed...Does this mean we can finally put the Daniel/Alex storyline to rest?..and all the bad storylines that came with it? As much as I love Rebecca Romijn, her Character Alex is by far the worst addition to the show. Someone else give her work...because the character she plays on Ugly Betty is frustratingly different every week and everything they try with it fails.

The office ended with more successes than failures. Let's just quickly start with what didn't work. Jan. Jan. Jan. What happened? Jan used to be one of the best characters on the show. Her interactions with Michael were always painfully hysterical. She was so much more intelligent and a great woman who had the slightest drops of crazy. Now she's a full-blown metal hospital patient! Her character is a bit much, even for "The Office." The boob job wasn't funny...Also, Her obsessive want for Michael is just...well...unrealistic. It used to be a wonderfully quirky it just falls miserably flat. There weren't really any spectacular Dwight moments this episode. Andy was a bit forced again and Angela wasn't utilized the way she could have been in an episode about Dwight taking over the office. However, the rest of the episode did work. Pam was terrific. Her "Cliché" speech was hysterical and she had some lovely moments in the episode where she stuck by her new "empowered" self. The final moment when Jim walked into the interview and asked her out was beautiful. There are some damn good actors on this show. Give them a good scene and they'll surprise you every time. The last moment with Ryan and Kelly was spectacular as well.

What do I do without my primetime television? I hope there is some decent trashy television to hold me over in the summer.


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