Friday, November 21, 2008

New Melchior Dates.

That's the same picture I posted for the first time I was going on back in July 2007. I thought it was appropriate to use it for my final Melchior post.

Okay so...Here are my final Melchior Dates.

December 12th, the 16th and 17th.

Please note that none of these dates are 100% (more like 90% haha). Hunter will most likely be out these dates.

This means that 17th will most likely be my final performance ever as Melchior. I have cherished understudying that role. It was my first responsibility when I was hired over a year and nine months ago. It will be quite an emotional one for me...I'd love to see you all there.

I will keep everyone updated if things change for whatever reason.



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two awesome concerts coming up!

Hey Guys,

I wanted to make people aware of two awesome concerts involving the cast members of Spring Awakening that are about to come up.

The first will be on the 8th of December. It's called "Want the Change" and will be showcasing some of our favorite songs and even bits of our audition pieces for the show. My audition song was written in 7/8....note to all performers...never do that to yourself or the accompanist. (Luckily I had the incredible Deborah Abramson to get me through that one.)

You can find all of the information on that concert here:

Broadway World Article

The second concert is one I'm really excited about. It is a Holiday Concert, December 15th at Joe's Pub, with song arrangements by Ann Marie Milazzo!

Trust do not want to miss these arrangements. They are stunning!

Here's the article:

Broadway World Article

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Janelle Monae

I really think this is the birth of a legend...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am on for Melchior at tonight's evening show and both shows tomorrow. I will also have three days in December TBD.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the Horizon

Last week the world watched in awe as Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. Whatever your politics may be, you cannot deny the sheer greatness of that historical moment.

Like many, I look forward to the spring with optimism.

I'm very excited to be in New York for this spring. With all of the new TV shows shooting here now, there are some really exciting opportunities to be had.

I am set to make a few more minor appearances on the show "Gossip Girl." I am thrilled to be returning in any way and hope to continue to explore my character on the show. I will also be doing a couple readings this winter that I'm very excited to be a part of.

In terms of Melchior, I will indeed play the role again. Hunter will be out on various dates in November and December and Jesse and I will try to split those dates as evenly as possible. I know I can speak for Jesse when I say we are both thrilled to be able to play the role a final time before the show's closing. It is a beautiful role and one I'm thrilled I ever had the chance to play to begin with.

I will most certainly keep people posted about dates and any other news!


The Past Month

The past month hit me like a ton of bricks. While we all knew that the closing of our show was on the horizon, it was still a devastating blow to the current and past company of the show. On top of that I jumped into a very unexpected move to a new apartment. Moving sucks, but when there is a leak in your apartment that is so bad it's coming through the fuse box...sometimes you just have to.

I know people want me to talk about the closing and honestly, there is just not much to say at this point. Spring Awakening has had a beautiful run. I feel honored that I was able to be a part of it during it's Tony Award season and I feel just as honored to be apart of the show today. There are many elements that have caused the ticket sales to have slumped a bit. Let me remind everyone we are hardly a family friendly show. When people want to spend hundreds of dollars to go out with the kids and see a show...they tend to gear towards things that are a bit more "Disney."

I truly believe that the current company is not one to miss. I am very proud to share the stage with my current cast memers every night. Every one in the company has created their own takes on all of the roles, even in the face of aversion from the original company's die hard fans. The production has taken on a new life, rather than remaining a cookie cutter version of itself. Something our producers adamantly tried to avoid.

I'm sure that closing night will be an incredible experience for everyone. Spring Awakening has had a magnificent and historical run. No one could have possibly imagined it would have gone as far as it has. Everyone involved feels blessed to have been a part of such a special show.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

new post

hey there! I'm currently at the stage door with some fans telling me to update my here it is. I'm still alive..still in the show...and will have much more to say when my Internet is back up and running. Thank you! :)

More to follow.

Also, my website will be launching in a later date than expected. My computer crashed and I lost everything I had built! :(


Matt Doyle